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10/30/08 12:16 AM #1    

Ed Gomes

Welcome to the Sunset High School Class Of 1965 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/22/10 10:54 PM #2    

Patti Carpenter (Carpenter)

Jeanne passed away from a lengthy battle with cancer the April following our last reunion (was that 2008 or 2009?). When she didn't attend the reunion, I made it a point to meet her the next day in Sausalito before I flew back to Colorado. We spent a wonderful afternoon talking about old memories and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. You can see a great picture of the two of us having wine at Spinnaker's on my page. It was the last time I saw her and she looked wonderful and was in beautifully radiant, optimistic spirits.

Love to all - Pat(ti) Carpenter

10/05/14 09:25 AM #3    

David Couron (Couron)

i have a favor to ask   a friend from school   is very sick   he was from the class of 66   but everyone knows him as the owner of vic hubbards   speed and marine    gary light   has cancer   please everyone say a prayer for him to get better   thanks all   dave

10/06/14 11:43 AM #4    

Glenn Sackett

Thanks for the information, Dave, we will keep him in our prayers.



10/06/14 02:05 PM #5    

Robert Amrine (Amrine)

Very sorry to hear about Gary.

I can remember getting lots of goodies for my cars there.

Gary is one of the best.

All good thoughts to him

10/06/14 05:17 PM #6    

Richard Macdonald

I new Gary well. I was on the swim team with him. Passed by his dads shop everyday on the way and back to school. So sorry to hear what he is dealing with. He is in my prayers.

Dick Macdonald

11/18/14 07:22 PM #7    

Hazel King (Goodwin)

Laurie has informed me that Gary is in remission and doing well. Guess all the good thoughts helped some!

Hazel (King) Goodwin

12/28/14 05:55 PM #8    

David Couron (Couron)

does anyone out there know where james hughes is or rex jackson   both living in bend oregon   thanks dave couron   480 438 0287

12/31/14 06:02 PM #9    

Kathleen Botelho (Dean)

So sorry to hear about that hope he is doing better I was there and now all about that nasty Cancer it has no conscience nasty stuff 


01/01/15 01:57 PM #10    

Sharon DeVries (Smith)

I used to pass the Vic Hubbard shop everyday to school also..I live in Livermore now and my son's still deal with Vic Hubbards on A St. So sorry to hear the news about Gary~our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family

01/04/15 01:27 PM #11    

Peggy Stockwell (Currington)

Ginger Haney (Garrison) and I met yesterday at Panera's in Fremont, and caught up on 44 years of life! We lost contact after college.  Wonderful 3.5 hours talking with her.  She's an amazing woman, and it took about 10 seconds to get started.  It was like, "yeah, I know you", and we were off.  Great afternoon!

01/11/15 08:14 PM #12    

David Couron (Couron)

does anyone out there in sunset high land know why linda sahlin wont talk to me?????we were good friends in school and her parents sent me a message when i was in the hospital for my knee surgery.which i still have in my scrap book.thanks to all for the prayers for gary  he is a nice guy   ive moved again and will be changing my number soon  ill update here when i do   many thanks dave

07/14/15 02:35 PM #13    


Johnny Walker

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It's hell getting old, everything bothers me!!! After being back in Oklahoma for only 1.5 years were moving back to New Mexico. It's too hard to breathe in this humid climate..

Just want to say hello to everyone and wish all good luck in the years to come.

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